London Coffee festival

An unmissable event for judicious coffee lovers is the London’s coffee festival!London is the global capital of coffee culture. It’s a world leading city in cafe cool, which is ensured by the London coffee festival.It is London’s most monumental festival devoted to coffee culture.

Coffee festival is usually held in the month of April and it can take place at any reputed event platform across the London.  Festival features 250 exhibitors including coffee artificers and glutton food stalls. Tasting and presentation from various baristas, street food, coffee based cocktails, live music, dance floors, comprehensive lab, interactive workshops are the main highlights of this coffee festival.

- Microcosm of the event

The festival involves over 500 types of free coffee from the end of world-class, most-exciting, pioneering baristas and coffee artisans. It is like a heaven for coffee lovers where they can get any coffee without spending a single penny. Visitors also have access to milk and sugar which they can add as per their taste. Festival also has a fashion and lifestyle event which showcases some of the most prestigious brands spanning from fashion to design and food.


- Coffee Master’s
It is the multi discipline, fast pace worldwide barista tournament taking place every year in London. The event takes place during London’s coffee festival. World class baristas takes part in this event to show their talent.  The festival is the flagship event of UK coffee week. London’s coffee day is a proud event for UK to which Coffee lovers eagerly wait for the whole year.

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